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Stonework and Construction

In the art of stonework, we have executed several works of extreme singularity, which give a high beauty and refinement to the houses, where we can emphasize the columns and the cornices of diverse forms and architectural styles.




The columns are structural elements intended to receive the vertical loads and at the same time beautify the work.
→ See our models here.



Cornices are architectural elements designed to finish the ceilings and roofs. → See our models here.


Balusters and Handrails

Balusters and Handrails

The balusters and handrails both inside and outside give security and elegance to the balconies and staircases.



It is widely used in civil construction instead of traditional brick or block of cement. In facade coatings you no longer need painting or remodeling.


Jambs, sills and thresholds

Jambs, Sills and Thresholds

Doors and windows are the openings that connect the house to the world. Beauty and quality is what gives them the jambs, sills and thresholds in granite.



They are modules used to coat the tops of walls. They can be applied on stone walls, brick, block or pool surrounds.


Chapéus e Capiteis

Columns Tops

They are decorative elements, that are destined to finish to the limits of the columns. There are several models depending on where they will be applied.



Modern or classic, we realize the grills ideal for the best outdoor gatherings.