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Naturamia® Quartzite Verde Lara

Product Description

Levantina Naturamia® Quartzite Verde Lara
Verde Lara is one of the most fascinating quartzites of Naturamia® Quartzite thanks to its extraordinary design and colour that emanates intense stillness.
Verde Lara is olive green, jade green, wonderful green… the originality and refinement of this Levantina countertop has no equal. Its gorgeous polished surface underscores the geological perfection of Natural Stone. Its soft patterns blend into creamy seams to form suggestive washes. A beautiful and unique structure characterised by a sensation of movement, which transports us to wooded, luminous landscapes charged with energy. Verde Lara quartzite is beautifully complemented by furniture, cladding or flooring that elevate it in decorative terms. Against black units or in rooms paved with dark slate, granite or marble, this countertop is simply sublime.