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Naturamia® Quartzite Exclusive White

Product Description

Levantina Naturamia® Quartzite Exclusive White 
Idyllic and gracious at the same time. Naturamia®'s ultimate quartzite is an aesthetical challenge with excellent features.
Naturamia® launches this new quartzite ready to conquer the world of interior design and decor. Sophisticated and with identical technical qualities as the rest of Natural Stones that define this collection, Exclusive White has a unique chromatic language thanks to the pureness of its colour that has never been seen before in this tonal range. Pristine and radiant with hardly any grey veins nor other stony tonalities that break up its intensity, allows it to form beautifully neat surfaces to the eye, connecting it to idyllic snowed landscapes. With its presence, this big quartzite family reaches a new aesthetic dimension inside the application field without losing sight of the benefits of these millennial stones: extreme hardness, elevated resistance and easy maintenance. Exclusive White brings light to pristine and delicate to the touch worktops in contemporary kitchens and projects where natural materials stand out as added value.