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Techlam® Top Quartzite Stone

Product Description

Levantina Techlam® Top Quartzite Stone
In Quartzite Stone countertops, a constellation of the finest white veins criss-crosses a mist-grey background. A porcelain material that stands out in a space thanks to its huge appeal.
The dominance of neutral hues in decoration encompasses the range of greys and ochres. Quartzite Stone countertops make this trend their own, with a pattern that combines a subtle grey, a dazzling white and delicate, almost imperceptible gold ochre ribbons. This superposition of colours achieves an elegant yet original effect that evokes the power of Natural Stone but with all the advantages of Techlam® Top. Resilient, inalterable and ever-beautiful, Quartzite Stone countertops are the touch that transforms kitchens into a high-class space.