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Techlam® Top Crystallo

Product Description

Levantina Techlam® Top Crystallo
Glacier appearance. With the new Techlam® Top porcelain, high quality kitchen worktops are almost sculptural pieces equipped with sophisticated technology.
Crystallo is the essence of snowy beauty. It reminds us of Antarctic landscapes and presents a sophisticated aesthetic that is the characteristic of a light-hearted and cosmopolitan luxury.
With this porcelain from the Techlam® Top collection, the worktops of exquisite kitchens reach a pure expressiveness and at the same time guarantee the maximum efficiency when working on them, due to its high technological features. Crystallo brings life to surfaces that transmit a minimalist image and at the same time an earthly one, due to the naturalness of the cracks that are present from side-to-side, which can be compared to cracks inside ice breaking apart. The sheets of this state-of-the-art material are presented in two patterns, allowing personalised compositions of undoubtable elegance, making them great to create work plans that seem not to have an end. Or murals of a poetic nature that harmonise with finishes and warm materials, and that are exempt from artifice.