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Naturamia® Quartzite Tropical Storm

Product Description

Levantina Naturamia® Quartzite Tropical Storm
Mysterious and magnetic. Tropical Storm worktops are a Naturamia® Quartzite option filled with power and exoticism.
Lunar landscapes and volcanic soils. The unmistakable intensity of these scenarios inspires the design of Tropical Storm. The exotic and sublime beauty of this black quartzite by Naturamia®, conceived essentially but not exclusively for bathroom and kitchen worktops in a contemporary style, is packed with authentic and sophisticated nuances in equal parts. In its polished version it can become a glowing mirror-effect skin, with all the essence that characterises Natural Stone. In its vintage finish it shines as a surface filled with textures and glimmers that enrich it and give it a noble air, without ever losing the stone’s natural tone. Tropical Storm enhances the personality of ambiences in which black is chosen to set the universal mood, together with details in steel and glass. In colour-filled bathrooms and kitchens, it is the counterpoint that adds elegance and exclusivity.