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Naturamia® Quartzite Metallo

Product Description

Levantina Naturamia® Quartzite Metallo
Pellucid and dazzling. Metallo worktops are a high-performance, fully on-trend proposal by Naturamia® Quartzite.
A frozen lake at dusk, with the sun’s rays reflected on it. Metallo recalls the light and beauty that this majestic scenery emanates. A new quartzite by Naturamia®, conceived primarily for covering kitchen and bathroom worktops with an unequivocal stamp of modernity thanks to its colour palette of greys and ivories that are so in vogue and are so easy to integrate into contemporary ambiences. It is delicate and ethereal in appearance, yet this material is pure hardness and resilience thanks to its technical properties, which are similar to granite. Natural light tinges its veins and bright hues, which fill the space with a warm luminosity. In a polished or vintage finish, this marble skin is suffused with subtlety in a fluid dialogue with warm or cold materials, becoming subsumed into a minimalist design or spirit.