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Naturamia® Quartzite Belvedere

Product Description

Levantina Naturamia® Quartzite Belvedere
Beautiful view or, in other words, Belvedere. Elegance and restraint in its purest state through the exquisite beauty of this black quartzite.
This extraordinarily beautiful Natural Stone completes the range of black quartzites in Naturamia® Quartzite. Its dark background merely enhances the amber veining, the symbol of this precious stone’s identity. A quartzite that will give any space an air of distinction that can only be achieved through the exclusivity of a Natural Stone. Belvedere is the preferred quartzite of interior designers looking to create unique ambiences with a halo of luxury in their creations. If seeking a luminous space, this quartzite combines perfectly with warmly-tinted light wood, while if looking for the robustness of a kitchen with personality, ebony wood will enhance its seams in the combination. Whichever the style, Belvedere will enhance the kitchen space.